Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Income Opportunity!

I recently joined up with Escape International! It is a company that works with Aisle19, where you shop online and earn cash back. Everyone can join both with no start up cost or monthly fees involved. If you just want to earn cash back on YOUR OWN purchases than join Aisle19! You will need to enter code # 200106 to join. You can read my previous post about Aisle19 HERE. If you are interested in taking it to another level and want to make money then I suggest you check out Escape International! Here is some information on the company.

Give Away A Savings Portal - Aisle19.com You simply share a FREE savings portal that offers your customers CASH BACK and other specials from their favorite stores, and then you get paid.

Get Your Share Of The Pie When your customers use Aisle19 to shop at their favorite stores, you earn a percent of what they spend - up to 50% - and they are saving money by using it.

Create a Ripple Effect Just like with other social networks, people will share the secret of Aisle19. As they do, they are creating a generational ripple effect of other Aisle19 users. You get paid on all of those customers month after month.

CLICK HERE to go read more info about this great company and great opportunity! I am so excited that I can earn some money for my family and still be a stay at home mom! It really makes sense to just go ahead and join Escape International and become an Independent Business Owner. Obviously if you are joining Aisle19 you are wanting to save money, why not join Escape International and save and earn money at the same time!

Enter Code # 200106 to Join Aisle19 or Escape International.

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