Monday, September 21, 2009

What a day!

Ok, I am back! I think God has a different plan for us or he is trying to teach me patience! So not to long after I posted that we were heading out to look at a truck, I had my husband call to make sure they still had it since it was an hour away, they had already sold it! So onto a different plan. We started looking for others online and I got a call from my Dad, he was stranded in East Lansing. Their truck broke down on the way to one of his doctor appointments (He has Prostate Cancer). So we told them to stay put (lol, like they were going to go anywhere) and we went and picked up a big trailer from my father in laws house to bring their truck home. Couple hours later everyone is home. So back on the Internet we start looking for more trucks. We have our Dodge Durango up for sale and would really like to sell it instead of trading it in, because we know we should be able to get more for it. We got a call today and have a couple very interested and they are coming to look at it tomorrow! Yippee We washed it and cleaned it out and it is looking pretty. THEN... My husband just called me to let me know that he hit a deer! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH He hit a deer with the truck that we are trying to sell! But he did just call me back and says that the he thinks that it is just the light and blinker light and there does not seem to be anymore damage. He thought the fender was bent. So we should be able to replace the lights for less than our deductible tomorrow, before the couple comes to see the truck. What a day! So hopefully tomorrow goes better for everyone and we can sell our truck! Then we just have to find one to buy.

Ok, now I am actually going to find some freebies, coupons and deals to post for you.

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