Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kmart Double Coupons up to $2.00 8/16-8/22

Kmart is once again doubling coupons up to $2.00 this week! This makes for tons of free and cheap stuff! As always, check to make sure your local Kmart is one of that is participating.

My Frugal Adventures has the rundown on the rules for using coupons and all the match ups for Free and Cheap products. CLICK HERE to go and visit and start making your list. It is amazing to see already how much I will be getting for free this week.

You can also go and visit Luv a Bargain. She has a great rundown as well.


  1. are u hearing about any problems with their new fine print? It says you have to spend $25 in grocery items. Does that mean you can include those items in the coupons? or they have to be outside the coupons? Or maybe you arent having that problem? Ill have to call my local Kmarts and see what they are sticking to... :/

  2. Hey LeeAnn, I have not had any problems myself! Yet at least! I have read on other blogs that it has to be $25 spent on merchandise in order for the coupons to double, not grocery. What Kmart's do you shop at?? I have been to the on in Jackson over by the Airport and not had any problems. I have not made a trip this week as of yet. Hoping to do so tomorrow. I have a ton of coupons that will double and get me free stuff! Let me know if you hear or see anything different.


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