Monday, August 24, 2009

Back from Tennessee!

Well I am back in blogger land! We got back home from Tennessee around 1am last night! It was a long 14 hour car ride pulling the camper through the mountains. We had a blast. It was hot and humid but so beautiful. It is so flat up here in Michigan!! Both races were awesome. My driver Kasey Kahne did not do to well, it seems he never does when I go to a race! I will blogging more about our trip and posting tons of pictures over at my family blog A Day in Our Life..... soon if you want to check it out!

I came home loaded with tons of freebies! Everywhere you go people are giving away their products. I was given a Ford Mustang T shirt, mayo, tons of samples of Tums, can coolers, die cast cars, Sobe Life water, stickers, goody Headache Powder and much more. Plus you get tons of free stuff to drink and eat while your there. Gotta love the freebies!

One last thing. It was fun to drive in other parts of the country and see all the stores, restaurants and grocery stores that I see others talk about. The Nationwide Race was sponsored by Food City! I saw several down in Tennessee, we don't have them in Michigan.

Now it is catch up time. I have lots of posts coming up, along with laundry and cleaning out the camper! Yippee!

My husband Kyle and I at the Sharpie 500 Race on Saturday night!

The Bristol Motor Speedway Track under the lights!

We saw Driver Kevin Harvick getting a key to the 2 cities of Bristol! How cool!


  1. Oh how awesome.. speaking of Kevin Harvick 29..
    Did you take the picture of the track? That looks so cool. I have never been to a race. But I hear that it is a feeling you never forget. I am glad you had a good time.

  2. Oh one other thing, I didn't realize they gave that kind of stuff away!

  3. Yes I took the picture of the track! That was the view from our seats! It was awesome! Bristol is one of a kind track.

    If you walk around the trailers and all the events that are going on outside the track you can snag free stuff! We also went to a street party in downtown Bristol where they were giving out stuff too! That is where we saw Kevin Harvick!

    This was my 5th race, but my first at Bristol. We usually go to Michigan (MIS).

  4. I've met Kevin Harvick before! He's such a nice guy! Glad you had a good time in TN :)


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