Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Medibuddy Review

I was recently sent a Medibuddy to try out and review. What is a Medibuddy you ask? It is a convenient kid friendly first aid kit that is small enough to throw in a purse, diaper bag, stroller or your vehicle! me4kidz is the maker of Medibuddy. Their mission statement is:

"To provide quality, user-friendly first aid products that are durable, comprehensive and encourage heightened awareness of the most common injuries."

me4kidz was started by a Richelle, a wife and mom to 3 adorable boys, back when her first son was stung by a bee! This incident was the inspiration behind me4kidz! me4kidz stands for "Medical Emergencies for kids". She continued to add to her great line of products with the birth of each child and eventually their pet, Coda!

You can go HERE to read more about how this great company and it's products came about!

Medibuddy is filled with the following kid friendly items:

(15) 3/4"x3" Red, Yellow & Blue Crayon Bandages
(1) Knee & Elbow Bandage
(1) Sting Relief Pad
(4) (2x2) Gauze Pads (2 two packs)
(3) 5"x8" Antiseptic Wipes (sting free)
(1) Burn Relief Cream
(2) Antibiotic Ointments
(12) Kid Friendly Fun Stickers
(1) Carry Anywhere Case (comes in 4 colors)

All Products are Latex free!

Medibuddy is just one of me4kidz products. They also offer a Medibag 4 Kids, Diaper Bag Buddy and a Medibag 4 Petz (we can't forget about our precious furry friends). Go HERE to view all their fine products. me4kidz products are all made in the USA!

You can purchase me4kidz products online and at stores nationwide. Go HERE to find a retailer near you or to buy online!

I am keeping my Medibuddy in our truck. It never fails that we are out somewhere and someone falls and scraps a knee or gets stung by a bee! Now we will be prepared. The Medibuddy fits nicely in my glove box. I love the addition of the kids stickers. My 2 year old loves stickers and I know when she gets hurt and needs a bandage, etc. that having some stickers handy will help bring a smile back to her face! :)

I am planning on buying a Medibag 4 Kids to keep at home. I think that these products would also make great gifts for baby showers. Every house and vehicle needs first aid kits, why not buy kid friendly ones!

I receive a medibuddy for free to aid in my review. I received no monetary compensation. My thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced by the me4kidz company.

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