Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Help me reach 100 followers on Twitter!

Okay last week when I wanted to reach 100 fans on Facebook I asked for my readers help and we made it plus some before the deadline! Now I am asking for help to reach 100 followers on Twitter by Friday night at 11:59pm (EST)! I am at 60 followers right now. If we can reach the 100 followers on time I will do some special small giveaways/trivia contests only on Twitter! Thanks for all your help!

CLICK HERE to become a follower of Money Saving Mama in Michigan on Twitter!

CLICK HERE to become a fan of Money Saving Mama in Michigan on Facebook! For those of you who still have not.


  1. I'm following you!!!!

  2. http://cariescoins.blogspot.com/2009/11/follow-money-saving-mama-in-michigan-on.html

    There you go Wendy...good luck!


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