Monday, June 1, 2009

Look what I got in the Mail today!!!

I love going to my mailbox now! I have started receiving all the great freebies I have been requesting online!

Here is the cup I received from Juicy Juice for Emily. It's really cute and has a leak proof spout that comes out to wash! This came at a great time since I just threw out a cup the other day because it was leaking. CLICK HERE to register on the Juicy Juice site and receive a free cup too!

Here is my 1st coupon for a free Mars Candy Bar. I have successfully signed up for 3 coupons! This is part of the Chocolate Relief Act that Mars is doing. Every Friday Mars is giving away free chocolate!
CLICK HERE to read a previous post about the giveaway and CLICK HERE to go to sign up for a free coupon on Friday's starting at 9am EST.

Here is my coupon for a Free Package of Oscar Mayer Hot dogs! This was a special one day giveaway a couple weeks back. I love free stuff!

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  1. I got the free weenies today too! Yay, free!


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