Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kellogg’s Clever Kids Snacks From Vocalpoint

Kellogg’s has some new fruit flavored snacks that are in letter and alphabet shapes! Talk about turning an ordinary moment into a teachable moment!

Log in or sign up at Vocalpoint and then go get your $1 off coupon for Kellogg’s Clever Kids!

CLICK HERE to go get your $1 off coupon for Kellogg’s Clever Kids

Here is how it works:

Go thru all the steps (1-4): Get a coupon, Rate and Review, More Games, and Where to Buy. After you complete all the steps Vocalpoint sends out a packet with information regarding the product and it will include coupons as well. The majority of the time you’ll also get a free coupon for the product!

Thanks to Brandie over at Free Sample Freak!

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